Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Personal Manifesto

My personal manifesto represents the change I hope I can create; furthermore I want to create changes which are bigger than the fashion industry.
1.       I want to change the standards of beauty: Essentially the fashion industry is based on the concept that if your rich, Caucasian or possess Caucasoid features you are beautiful. Furthermore this ideology trickles down to fashion ad campaigns, the runways, and eventually to little colored girls who believe that is the only form of acceptable beauty

2.       I want to inspire people: I believe this is the most important thing a person can ever do in their lifetime.  Furthermore, I believe inspiring another being to change their ideology or inspire them to create something new is far more important than having material things

3.       AFRICA, AFRICA, AFRICA:  I want to expose the world to the greatness of the African culture. I believe Africa has been neglected for too long in the arts, in the political spectrum, everywhere Africa has been declared backwards. I plan on doing this by:

a.       Creating economic change
                                                              i.      I plan to open a textile factory in Ghana and hopefully multiple parts of Africa. By doing this many Africans will be able to get a paycheck which increases their purchasing power, which in effect will boost the economy of that particular region. This will also illustrate to other fashion houses that it is possible to have quality clothing sourced from Africa, which once again boosts the economy of Africa and creates interest in Africa’s labor market
                                                            ii.      I want to open several boutiques in Africa to illustrate to other fashion houses that Africans do have the purchasing power to buy their goods, and most importantly it illustrates to them that they can also have successful boutiques in parts of Africa
b.      Recreating the past of Africa
                                                              i.      Africa’s past before colonial times generally remains a mystery to most scholars, most of whom do not bother investigating the region. Furthermore this has caused Africa’s past to be identified by what happened in colonial times. To change this I plan on
1.       Sponsoring several archeological digs as well as scientific studies to uncover more of Africa’s past before colonial times
c.       Instilling a sense of pride in Africans
                                                              i.      I want every African person to be happy with who they are, and most importantly what each regions culture is.
d.      Take back Important African treasures:
                                                              i.      Many important African treasures as well as artworks were stolen during colonial times, and are today being housed in several high-profile museums across the world. I hope to change this and return many of these pieces back to their original place
4.       I want to be myself all day, every day, regardless of anyone’s opinions or beliefs: I believe this is the hardest thing for anyone to do; however I believe it is an important skill to possess as a person and an artist


  1. Cool. A friend of mine does graphic design for http://keza.com and their mission is right in line with your manifesto.