Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Just a couple different art pieces that I like ^_^

Crawling In Black & White...

Photography By: Jolene Kappes

Not Art...?

It was very hard to choose a piece of someones work and say that its not art, for who am i to say whats art and what is not? Who at all in this world has the right to say something isn't or is art? So this assignment to pick a piece from the Walker and describe my feelings and opinion on why somethings art was a truly difficult task. So I have chosen this particular piece out of many for i simply do not enjoy it or maybe just don't get it, and or would choose not to look at it longer than just a passing glance.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Manifesto

It is hard to know already what I want to show in my art. I am really intrigued by the internet and technology. I like the idea of showing really high tech things in an old fashioned way. I have thought a lot about maybe taking screen shots on the internet and painting or drawing them. I want to do this to show my feelings about the internet and advancements in technology. With something that is moving and changing so fast I want to take a slow time consuming approach. I like the contradiction. I'm also interested in putting opposites together; a laptop in the forest, a religious statue in a science lab. I have a lot more to learn and i'm excited to see where my art goes.

Why is this art?

Untitled (joke)
by Richard Prince

This is currently showing in the Medtronic Gallery at the Walker. It is black ink on a white sheet of paper that is 6.75 x 11". It reads "On the bus today I had to change my seat four times" "Some guy get fresh?" "yeah, finally"

I get the joke, yeah it's funny. But why is this art? Why is something someone quickly wrote on a sheet of paper art? It doesn't seem like this person put a lot of thought or time into this. Why is this worthy of hanging on a museum wall?