Sunday, April 24, 2011

Design Philosophy

My personal manifesto morphed into my philosophy on design, but these are the convictions behind the work I will create.

1) Design is distinct from art. Not because it’s functional or commercial – all art should have purpose and value – but because design flourishes within constraints.

2) Design is a way of thinking. It’s the principles of art and psychology applied to solve a communication problem.

3) Design is intentional. Everything communicates something, but designed things make their statement on purpose.

4) Design is objective. Solutions to a client’s needs must be evaluated based on how well they work, not based simply on aesthetic preference.

5) The best design is honest. It should clearly explain what something actually is, not be manipulative or pretend to be something it’s not.

6) The best design is timeless. It should be iconic enough to resist trends or fads.

7) The best design is the least design. It should be able to express profound thoughts without becoming haughty or complex.

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