Tuesday, April 26, 2011


As an artist, the work that I produce is a reflection of what I see and issues I’d like to explore through the use of different mediums and concepts. I strive to create works that do not fall within boundaries or stereotypes. I don’t consciously make art that relates to other works, but subconsciously or indirectly my art is related to everything I have experienced in the visual world. All the stuff that I have thought of or seen over time has had an influence on the direction my art. I don’t like to characterize my work. My work is influenced by the hip-hop musical culture and lifestyle as well as friendships that have evolved, changed, and re-defined themselves through time. My artistic process is a direct reflection of my lifestyle: scattered at times, but with an underlying focus on elevating my culture. I create designs that are timeless and hungry. My designs show that life isn’t easy but you can still find a way through to the beauty that comes from pain. I might be smiling, but my work may tell a different story. I have attached a piece of my statement describing my artist collective project known as u(P):

(u)P is a collective movement of individuals who’s common interest is Art in all media forms. The concept of (u)P is really based on the biggest Project of all LIFE. Simply put (u)P is a never ending process.

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