Monday, April 18, 2011


While I'm not yet able to pinpoint exactly what I'd like to do with my life, I can name some qualities I'd like to bring to my work. In the documentary we watched called "The Art of the Steal", the conflict was over who owned the Barnes art collection. We watched educated, articulate people shrink to child-like insults as though they were fighting over a kick ball in the playground. Though I don't expect to have a career of such magnitude, I do hope that the things I make never affect people in a way that's less than positive. I'm not saying I want to create pieces filled with fluff or trying to distribute ignorant bliss, but I want my work to have meaning beyond who owns it and how much it costs. Ideally, I'll become an illustrator of some kind. I'd like to explore as many mediums as I can before I decide, but at this point it seems like the best decision for myself. Because I'm not sure what else I plan to do beyond that, this might seem a bit vague. I feel it's important to say, however, that I want my life inspire my career, not have a career that takes up my life.

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