Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This piece by Kerry James Marshall is called Gulf Stream 2003. It's a replica or reworking of an old work done by another artists. That concept is interesting and I'm all for it. However, I was entirely unimpressed with this painting. It's cheesy and campy and didn't demonstrate incredible skill in any way. It's symbolism was too in your face and obvious, making the piece even more ignorant to me. It seemed like an arts and crafts project gone wrong. Especially with the gold glitter!!! EW.


  1. I didn't notice the ignorant part of this peice.
    But now it makes more sense why you don't like it

  2. it was on a piece of sail fabric...
    it had a gold work
    it was like Micheals threw up on it

    I want to see the original?

    Abby: what was so obveous about the symbolism? if we hadn't seen it..

    Mariah: i think once you saw it - it was too easy and cheesy


    BREAK *and I lost part of a great conversation dealing with electronics. Another reason why to teach with the power off


    what do you see the symbolism as:
    after hte face it was based off of - mostly I really didn't like the way it worked. it didn't show the skill i was impressed with. it wasn't cohesive as a work... the dock, the back ground, the people.. ESPEcially compared to the original

    Courtney: I think it's saying 'we have to kitch it up for people to like it" - it's hung with gromits

    chloe: the 2nd version has an eleement of forboding, but not as obveousl.

    Jolene: there was a rope on the sale that was broken - to hint that they were in danger.

    Chloe: the top could be a before, and the bottem is like how bad it could get. the rope is like the forshadowing of what went wrong - best intentions going wrong....

    Marihia: i liked the idea of it - but it needs the bottom one
    I don't like the exicution.

    Abby: I feel like it's easy to harp on HOW it's painted.... but then again, I couldn't do it

    Mariha: if it doesn't look good to me i don't care if I can or can't do it

    Matt: What do you think about art that just talks to other art....
    Abby: I'm o.k. with it
    MAtt: I'm not
    I ten to feel like it's a game of telephone... one person says something and it oges back iand forther, becomes inbread and degrading, rather than adding, it's the noise of it.. it happens when someone makes something, someone wrights abut it

    Duhamps's Urinal. It's about the art world...

  3. what is the background story?

    the piece that was coping the first piece.
    they were heading away from the dock, all they have is a radio.... they don't see the danger coming.

    all the angles... How do I look at this work?
    how does my dog look at this art?
    How does a 5 year old look at this wok?
    If I was from another panet - how woul I look at this work?
    if i was a different age
    rifferent race
    diferent gender????