Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lack of title, lack of reasons for why it is art.

This painting was created while the canvas was spinning and is intended to be viewed at 3 revolutions per second. This can be achieved by pressing a big red button to the left of the work, which is ultimately anticlimactic.

Artist: Alfons Schilling
Location: Walker Art Center
Size: diameter 90.125 inches, 2 inches deep
Materials: black pigment in acrylic resin, gesso on paper mounted on canvas, electric motor

So, this guy stole another person's idea for spin art, and only changed it in the sense that he worked vertically instead of horizontally. It's like those spin art toys, except it's mounted on a wall and you have to watch it spin to get the full effect. In addition to the effect of the art as it spins being completely underwhelming, it's also extremely hard to approach the big red button that controls it, because the guards at the Walker Art Center get paranoid if you get too close to the work. I still don't buy it as "art." He's like the Picasso of spin art, someone else came up with a new idea and designed this motor specifically to create spin art and he stole it and adapted it for his own work. Also, he only made work like this. I just can't accept this as art, it's easy to make, easy to reproduce, centrifugal motion creates interest in the piece and the artist doesn't even have to make an effort. It's art from the sixties and all abstract but I don't see any point in it. What makes me even more angry is that he admitted the canvas was spinning much too fast to even know what the painting looked like while he was working.

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  1. a painting on a motar - and designed to turn at 3 revolutions per second... there's a big red button

    kitching because it's spinning?

    Jeff: what's it showing?

    Courntey: it's large scale - and confront people with spin art
    Jeff: if it was the side of the building it would have been cool

    Cournty: interaction between the guard and the interactive element

    Jeff: probably because it wasn't very durable

    Courntry: you could'nt hit the button


    Chloe; so it's a drug piece?

    what does it look like when it's stopped?

    it looks like this - but not blurry.
    the image was made when it was spinning, and now here the image is.... spinning...

    Jolene: it looks like ying ad yang andyang is winning

    looks like a flower

    metaphores for spinning?
    chloe: confusion
    abby: it's like a piece of art that was made spinning, and now it's spinning
    it's about the human condition

    cornety: does everyone agree that it sucks

    jeff: the downward spiral of art.


    you thinkyou are going s

    Abby: would it spin in a different direction if it was in austrailia? if it was on the equator would it still stay still

    I do like it when people make art out of supposid kitchy art.....

    Cortney: he does a lot of spattery art..

    Kinetic art???

    chloe: like seeing things in different ways
    Abby: I like there is no up! everything else has a up - but this has no up?

    you can see it from all angles

    the toy didn't come first


    chloe: that artists.... post impressionist.... the aples and at differnt views... movving...


    Courtney: it says that he invented a "Painting machine" which is the rotating canvas - but he didn't pattent it, which means that everyone can do it and everyone can make abstract art...
    I see this as a copy of everything else in that time period.....

    Abby: I like the chaos of it... it's like physics and chaos... the opposite and action of this art.... the forces take control...

    Abstract expressionism

    is it about history???? - HE"S THE FIRST>

    Courntey: NOOOOO
    Someone else invented it!!! this guy just took it and used it.

    the only differece between his paintings and the others is he did it horizontally and they did it vertically....