Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My design Aesthetic

My design aesthetic can be described as infusing contradictory elements such as elements of masculinity and feminine aspects of design. This also might imply that my design aesthetic is not entirely confined to a singular vision; however I do not mind this because I can also be a contradictory person. One minute I might feel like imitating men’s clothing or another day I might be inspired by Marie Antoinette and her attire.  I can be political while intending to be in an industry which is based on vanity. I also try to infuse culture, be it African or Iranian, into my design aesthetic. Here are a few images which I feel represent my design aesthetic.

Achitecturally inspired peices & Menswear inspired peices

 photographs of nature, although i hate venturing into the wild.

Culturally Ornate peices Vrs. Minimalism
Images Courtesy of: Atelier Versace, Preen, Me, Givenchy Haute Couture and Alexander Wang

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