Monday, March 7, 2011

Glittery Buck

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As my classmates and I were wandering around the Walker, we were lead to a piece by Mark Swanson titled ‘Looking Back Buck’. Almost immediately my eyes were hit by the shiny disco ball qualities rendered on the skin of a buck. Right then and there I knew this would be the piece I would not understand, and as others began to proclaim their love for this piece I began to wonder if I was looking at the piece with the wrong mind set. Therefore, I waited for the dozen to explain the meaning of this glittery buck to me. The dozen had something along the lines of this to say: the buck represented the artist turning his back to hunting, and his interests beginning to develop in a different direction. Despite the intriguing story behind this piece, all I could envision it as was a buck that had shiny sparkly skin, which was reminiscent of a disco ball. Furthermore, it also fails the quality I consider important in critiquing art, which is that the art or design must be able to stand on its own without any further explanation regarding the intent of the artist. Hence the ‘Looking Back Buck’ was my least favorite piece.

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  1. Chloe: i don't agree with that often i regect a work until i hear and learn about the context
    Abby: I'm really enjoying art history because I'm seeing the context and why they were so important.

    Chloe: Van Gough - i get it now
    Abby: what is a museum?? - a place where this work is REALLY out of context

    Are galleries - what is the purpose?
    - who is the intended patron

    curation - there are reasons... but it's not apparent unless you are steeped in the history

    Abby: I hate Eves Cline - the whole body of work didn't make me like it.
    Abbi: but he made" the pigment

    Matt: is it important that the artists tells people about their work???? Do you need

    Courtney: I think you need just enough. just enough to start an idea - but you can branch off... lets you be fluid in seeing what you want to

    Chloe: want something to hook you in
    Matt: i think it's part of the artists job to be clear about what they are doing rather than provide you with a vat of paint....

    Abby: I'm o.k. with having to work for it - I may get it or not

    Matt: I want people to be clear about what you're saying... so we can have ad ialog

    Mariah: part of art that is so awesome is the mass about of ways something can be interpretaed, and the ways it's loved and hated. That's the connection and people'sconnection to it - it's realative

    Abby: it's like a joke, knock knock jokes, no one over the age of 3 likes them because you don't have to work for it. If you feel a little smart for getting it - reward.
    the Milton Glazer - I heart NY - before it was just a little bit of a puzzle.... people love puzzles

    Matt: the vat of paint, you didn't give me anything other than having to have me do research about it, if you didn't care enough to give me a statement.. why should I care

    Chloe: it's a little narsistic

    Matt: maybe it's about achivement and status?

    Abby but you g back to Ives line - he was part of an art world darling, he was a big personality... I don't think a smaller personality would have gotten away with the work he did

    Chloe: I think the puzzle analogy really makes sense to me

    Abby: people love Mystery novels
    if you figure it out too early, you cease to be interested....

    **** if it is accessable, is it art?

    **** if it is funny... is it a joke on art or the audience???
    or neither