Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ryan Trecartin for W Magazine

I have chosen to write about a magazine spread conceptualized by Ryan Trecartin. I feel that I really relate to his artwork. In some ways I think this is a new form of pop art.
Internet is such a big part of my life and upbringing. It is such a big part of the culture that I know and love. As someone who spends most of their free time scowling the internet searching for the next big thing, I relate to this!
In this spread for W magazine Ryan Trecartin totally touched on popular internet culture of today.
One thing I really love about pop art is that it takes things people see everyday and really throws it in their faces. I think that's what Trecartin is doing here.
To really see what went into this spread and what ran through his mind you must visit this article in DisMagazine. The amount of planning that went into each and every minute part of it is really incredible.
To many this will not seem like art, but just a jumble of nonsense. I think it is absolutely genius.

photos from W Magazine

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