Tuesday, January 25, 2011

David Hale Review

David Hale is a favorite of mine because of the spiritual nature of his work. He often uses raw skate decks and wood, which is something that I also like to work with. This piece is entitled "That Which Nurture" which was created using acrylic, pen, ink, and marker. It rests on 5 natural skate decks and "much love".
He uses a lot of elements in nature, and labels them where they occur. Since they seem pretty obvious to me, I think he wants to make a point of noticing these elements. The radiating yellow ball in the upper right corner of the piece clearly represents "sunlight" which he has emphasized it with a really organic script. The wind is above the ground, and even if it wasn't labeled it would be seen as wind because of the spiraling wisps throughout the stream, and the way the woman's hair wraps around and flows with it. Love is centered between the two people, and I think because he mentions it as a physical element with the rest of the elements, he wants to convey that love is something organic that occurs in nature as well. To me, he's saying that love should be just as relevant as sunlight, water, wind, and earth. It is as physical as any of those things, and flows without any pause in design. People need every thing in the piece to survive, and nothing can be left out!

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