Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week #2 – Orientation to Art and Design
 Allan Spring 2011
Your Assignment due for Feb 1st, 2011

  Read Chapter 2 in Barrett  Theory & Art”
Take Notes in your process journal
  Be prepared for in-class discussion.
Materials needed to bring with you for next class   -- THIS IS FOR YOUR VISUAL RESOURCE BOOK
- Your CVA Art-Tool-box
 - At least 2 sheets of hard board, strong cardboard, thick tag board, book board etc.  You want them to be 8” x 5” and sturdy
-  Invent a method to attach this sketchbook to your process journal:  Velcro, string, ribbon, snaps, hooks, and pockets- whatever. (Your design problem)
-  Paper that will function as 8”x5” pages – type of paper is up to you.
-  Tread and Needle
-  Durable paper, cloth, or other material that will function as the covering for the book
-  Duct tape (good for everything)
-  Adhesives (Elmer’s glue is recommended)
-  Anything else you can think of.

PROJECT #1:  Completed in class (*Ideally)
  BLOG ENTRY #1:  1ST artist of your choice
I’d like to start with someone that you connect with – an art and / or design piece that you came into art school thinking was heads and tails above all others.  Your job is to convince us.  Using what you learned from Chapter One – tell us WHY this is an important work for us to know about.  You can even choose a work you know NOTHING about – but saw and felt you couldn’t not talk about it!  Ideally, this should be a contemporary piece, So something in the last 60 – 70 years, (*yes, contemporary)  -but feel free to explore the avenues of this.
Strong examples of past student work:

Diane Kornber

à Write at least 150 word Criticism (1-2 paragraphs) about this chosen work - based on the discussion of Ch 1 in class  - Love it, hate it, tell us WHY, à What DOES THE CRITIC DO:
- Adds credibility to the artists and their art ($values$$)
-  Adds social context
-  Another way of viewing the work
-  They tells us why art matters

    à  *Include a sited image of the work
              (*Either one you took, or one found on line)

A few things to remember:………….. 

1) Spelling and Grammar still count (*I know... booo).
I usually like to write things out in a word doc. and then cut and past them over into the blog.
Why?  Because I can't spell, and grammar  - it is beyond me - BUT  - you are required to do it well.  How will I know then if you are miss-spelling anything?  Simple my dears....  cut and paste right back into word and there you go.  Can't hide from it, just do it.

2) REMEMBER: future employers will find this, so think respectful and smart.

3) Vanna White style of swearing (i.e.: F***, MuthAF***, S__T)   = STILL equal Swearing, and can’t be used on the blog.  In class – swear your little hearts out (but no derogatory isms – EVER), but on the blog, pretend it’s the radio, keep it clean, and find a thesaurus.

3) Site and source EVERYTHING!  It's very important and for legal reasons even.  Also, it can be a great resource for someone else who is researching a similar artist to keep clicking their way into the infinite source of possibilities found on the web.  Get link happy - highlight the words you want to link to the original site, then hit the blue button above that says LINK, and then paste in the original web site.
So let's say I was supposed to write about an art I made this summer (good times).
I would paste my image to the screen via that little button up above that has a picture of a mountain on it.

Abbi A. Allan
"Mr. Crumple's Last Day".
Pen on paper. 2009
8.5" x 12"
Image taken from her Blog "Abbi Allan's Latest Work"

Visual Resource Journals:  Preview

1)    Strong examples of past student work:

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