Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maya Hayuk and why I love her!

When I first came across Maya Hayuk, I was sixteen and in love with markers. Maya is an artist that uses incredibly vibrant colors and geometric patterns to evoke good vibes. She even came out with a book titled Just Good Vibes. That's probably why I was so attracted to her at first. She is a muralist, painter, drawer, photographer, and printmaker, and musician. She does independent studio work as well as many collaborations with other artist groups or artists. I think her work is important because it makes me happy and makes me inspired to make murals. I'm obsessed with lines, and a lot of her murals play with lines and overlapping them with color. Her drawings also fascinated me. A certain series especially shows couples in multiple "love" positions. Its beautiful because the faces are completely covered by long flowing detailed shiny looking hair. There's a magical feeling to her work and an innocence. It doesn't feel too serious or pretentious. It's familiar but still different. And I love it.

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