Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I discovered Rachel Timmins because she and I look oddly alike.

Aside from that, she does amazing work. She's an MFA candidate at Towson University, focusing on Studio Art mostly concerning metals, jewelry, sculpture and the like. This necklace that she is wearing is an original piece. I partly love it because of the message that she tries to communicate in her work: the feeling of homelessness. And this isn't homelessness in the way of not having a place to live, but more so in the way of not belonging and feeling alienated. I can identify with this, especially because we both share an affinity for body modifications which often contribute to a feeling of alienation because they are not widely accepted. To convey this message, she makes restrictive or uncomfortable jewelry that limits the wearer's mobility. She also does sculpture, and her sculptures play off of her message through narrative to show the viewer about alienation rather than putting them directly in a situation. But these sculptures are small and intimate and still place the reader in an interactive position, whether they are wearing it or simply observing.

So here is my question: Does she make this work in the hopes that people will identify with it, or does she make it to make them identify with it? Does she want to force people into her position, or does she want to find people already in her position? Does she want to alienate herself further through her work, or is this a search for a “home”?

her portfolio can be found at: racheltimmins.com

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