Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I took these pictures today

I think it's interesting that people see humor in these images. I didn't mean them to be humorous; I was just shooting the things that appealed to me. I wonder if people who don't know me would consider them funny: is the humor inherent in the images, or is it an example of conflating the artist with the art? 


I think I just ROFLed.

I like lone (lonely?) objects, isolated from their settings. I worry about that tendency. It borders on the boring. But I guess the boring--the mundane, the everyday, the easily overlooked--is what I'm most interested in. As I mentioned in class, I'm drawn to narrative and images of people, and I believe this interest is manifested in the photos I took. Some of these objects, in particular the fire hydrant and the chair, have figure-like elements--you can imagine the fire hydrant as a grubby kid playing in a snow bank, or the chair as a middle aged lady with a frumpy sense of funk. Others--the cigarette in the cubby hole, the pencil sharpener--give you the impression they're just waiting around hoping someone will use them. They're like those Toy Story toys--their inanimate lives are made meaningful, and therefore animate, by their usefulness to humankind. 

As for the fast-food basket and the clothing drop off with the pile of junk next to it, what can I say? I'm just fascinated by other people's trash.

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