Monday, February 28, 2011

Design Asthetic

When I think of my taste in design, my mind goes to a few things in particular. One, pattern and repetition. I love the feeling of time that it shows through multiplying and the detail of many little things put together makes me feel comfortable. I'm incredibly drawn to monochromatic things. My outfits are sometimes too monochromatic and as a friend once lovingly put it, i end up "looking like a turd." That is, if I'm wearing brown. I love how multiple shades of one color put together can evoke a sense of development and wholeness. And it always compliments itself. I am really attracted to small delicate details wrapped up in larger schemes. I'm also really drawn to lines. Especially lines that are repeated and take up space in interesting ways. A cool striped t-shirt is always on my list. I'll stop referencing clothing now. But, now that I think of it, the things I like in design are things I appreciate in fashion. Texture and mixing varieties of texture within monochromatic schemes is also something I love to see. If it's fuzzy, smooth, rough, bumpy, and all white, I'm all for it.

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