Monday, February 21, 2011

Horror Vacui Exhibit

When you enter German artist David Zink Ti's exhibit, entitled "Horror Vacui", the most obvious component is the 18ft squid in the center of the room. Its limp sprawl, and the corn syrup mixture in which the squid is lying makes it immediately apparent that the squid isn't alive. "Horror Vacui", meaning fear of emptiness is completely appropriate and each feature seems to only accentuate it.

The sight of the giant squid, completely humbled in stature, is accompanied by four large portraits on each wall. The photos feature brush from one particular tree that was noted to terrify the artist. We were told that he couldn't find a tree that made him feel this way after much searching. The branches seem to reach out of the center of the photo from an abyss of darkness in an undefined place. From the other room music can be heard, but context is not apparent. It's as though civilization is just out of reach, upbeat rhythms play and we are trapped on the outside, in a room with a very dead ceramic squid.


  1. I love the playful attitude of your last line. Great drawing, too!