Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why is this art?

Untitled (joke)
by Richard Prince

This is currently showing in the Medtronic Gallery at the Walker. It is black ink on a white sheet of paper that is 6.75 x 11". It reads "On the bus today I had to change my seat four times" "Some guy get fresh?" "yeah, finally"

I get the joke, yeah it's funny. But why is this art? Why is something someone quickly wrote on a sheet of paper art? It doesn't seem like this person put a lot of thought or time into this. Why is this worthy of hanging on a museum wall?

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  1. After thinking about this more I was trying to think how this could be art. How could this sheet of paper or joke be made into art. If this piece of paper were placed in a glass case with other "found" jokes on paper and made into a collection I would almost consider it art. If it were pasted onto a painting, drawing, or photograph relating to the joke or counteracting it I could see it being considered art. What do you guys think?